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 Regenesis - Innovative Community Association Management Strategies
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Association Info
Regenesis.net - World's Largest Information Resource for Condominium & Homeowner Associations
HOA Articles from Realty Times - Homeowners Association articles by noted HOA expert Richard Thompson.
American Homeowners Association - The country's largest growing member-based homeowners organization.
Community Associations Institute - A national association providing education and resources to America's 231,000 residential condominium, cooperative and homeowner associations and related professionals and service providers
Condo Management Online - The nation's largest condominium management magazine
National Association of Housing Cooperatives - A federation of housing cooperatives, individuals, and professionals that work with housing cooperatives
Certification Board - Develops and administers a national, voluntary certification program for community association managers
United Homeowners Association - A non-profit, Washington, D.C. based homeowners organization
BoardSource - The premier resource for practical information, tools and best practices, training, and leadership development for board members of nonprofit organizations worldwide.

Home Improvement
Do It Yourself Network - A television and web network with thousands of do-it-yourself projects ranging from crafts to car care.
Home Improvements with Help - Giving information, tips, techniques, and knowledge for all the Do It Yourselfers out there, not from an amateur but from a professional in the construction industry.
HomeStore.com Home Improvement - Information on Home Improvement including book reviews, remodeling, DIY, Feng Shui and maintenance.
Today's Homeowner - Expert Advice On Improving Your Home
Home & Garden Television - The official website of the popular cable TV network. Site includes information on building and remodeling, design and decorating, gardening and landscaping, and real estate and finance.
DoItYourself.com - "When you want to do it right... DoItYourself.com". Leading the Internet in Home Improvement and Repair.
RealHome.com - Your one stop resource for buying, financing, improving, and selling your home
How Stuff Works - Internationally recognized as the leading provider of information on how things work
Do-It-Yourself Articles - Do it Yourself articles from StartRemodeling.com
Be Constructive - The Be Constructive program educates building professionals, homeowners, and do-it-yourselfers about the benefits of wood and its superiority as a building material.
Ceramic Tile Installation Made Easy - Choosing & Installing Your Ceramic Tile Floor
Old House Web - Ideas, advice and community for old-house enthusiasts

Home Owner Information
HomeGain.com - Saving home buyers and sellers time, money and frustration. Complete control with no obligation. And it's FREE!
Home Network Online - Home Network Online exists to provide you, the motivated consumer, the tools, information and contacts necessary to successfully control and complete the sale of your home and save thousands.
HomeStore.com Finance & Insurance - Information about financing and insuring your home. Also includes tips and techniques for buying ans selling a home.
Domania - Domania provides everything you'll need during the process of buying or selling a home

Crayola Kids - Games and activities for kids, including a card creator!
Disney Online - Where the magic comes to you!
Nickelodeon Online - Nick.com - The online source for the Nickelodeon television network... fun and games for kids!
Yahooligans! - The web guides for kids, brought to you by Yahoo!
Cartoon Network Online - Tons of games and other goodies from the Cartoon Network
McGruff.org - Help Take A Bite Out Of Crime! McGruff.org is just for kids. Got a question about staying safe? Ask McGruff for advice.

Recipe Archives - Over 25,000 recipies for everything from appetizers to deserts

Neighborhood Resources
National Crime Prevention Council - Whatever your neighborhood is like, getting together to fight crime, violence, and drugs can help create communities where children can be children and people once isolated by crime and fear can enjoy being a part of a thriving neighborhood.
Stopping Crime Where You Live - Protect your kids by starting a neighborhood Child Safety Committee and a Block Parent program.
Noisy Neighbor FAQ - Answers to your questions about noisy neighbors.
National Sherrifs' Association Crime Prevention - The National Sheriffs' Association (NSA) took this crime prevention concept a step further by making it a national initiative -- the National Neighborhood Watch Program.
USA on Watch - Information about the Neighborhood Watch Program

News Sources
Newspaper Links - A gateway to local newspapers from the Newspaper Association of America

Schools and Education
College Board - CollegeBoard.com makes it easier for you and your child to have a successful experience preparing for and applying to college. You can use this site yourself, explore it together, or just point your child to this trusted resource.
Great Schools Net - Your online guide to K-12 schools

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