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HomeOwners Associations Online About This Site

HomeOwners Association Online is a service to provide your neighborhood association and community with a website. You will be able to read your neighborhood news articles, view your neighborhood directory, contact your committees, view and update upcoming neighborhood and community events on a calendar, view and submit classified ads, take advantage of local business coupons, and more.

If you can surf the web, you can administer your neighborhood website! All updates can be done from your browser. Upload documents, forms, and pictures to publish them to your site.

Viewing Your Site at HomeOwners Association Online.

The HomeOwners Associations Online sites are best viewed using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.5 or higher at a resolution of 1024 x 768. Users of other browsers such as Netscape will find that some of the site's functionality is not available to them. We are currently working to make HomeOwners Associations Online fully accessible to as many people using as many browsers as possible. In the mean time, you may want to use Internet Explorer which is very highly recomended by the HomeOwners Associations Online team.

To download Microsoft Internet Explorer, click on the icon below.

Download Microsoft Internet Explorer

To adjust the resolution of your monitor, minimize all of your open windows and right-click on the desktop. Click on the "Properties Button". Then, click on the settings tab of the "Display Properties" window. In the section labeled "Screen Area", drag the arrow with the mouse to a resolution of 1024 x 768 or greater and click "Apply".

Using HomeOwners Associations Online

HomeOwners Associations Online has been built to provide communities with the ability to better communicate. Not only does it allow Homeowners Associations share information with homeowners by posting news items, events, and documents, but it also allows homeowners to better communicate with each other as well as those from neighboring communities.

Below is a description of each of the services provided by HomeOwners Associations Online, and how it can benefit you and your community.

Community Home Page
The Home Page is the main page for your community. It includes the community logo, recent news items and newsletters, links to information recently added to the site, and local weather information. This page is accessable by the public, and can include general information about the community.

Community News Items
The News Items for a community is a place for general items of interest. It can be used as a "News Wire" that informs the reader of accomplishments, event announcements, and/or deadlines.

Community Links
The Links section of a HomeOwners Association Online site is a great place to include web resources that will be beneficial to members of a community. There are many general links included for every community such as resources for home improvement, association management, and news sources. In addition, each community can add relevant links, and share links with other communities nearby.

The HomeOwners Association Online site comes with a complete listing of articles from well known publications. Articles range in content from Home Improvement and Gardening to Diet, Cooking and Exercise to Personal Finance. Magazine articles are constantly updated to provide homeowners with information relevant to their interests and household needs.

Polls/Surveys - Voting

Community Event Calendar

Household Directory

Local Business Advertising/Coupons

Cross-Community Classified Ads


Association Board of Directors/Committees

Association Newsletters

Association Documents

Neighborhood Maps

Local Utility Listing

Pay Your Association Dues Online

For more information about HomeOwners Associations Online, please contact us.

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